TrussForte MAXIMESH® is a decorative expanded metal that combines strength with the traditional charm of delicate wrought iron work. With a small hole and sharp edges it is for perimeter barrier fencing in jails, and for security screens and gates and can be supplied with hot dip galvanized coating.

  • Multiple styles are available to suit individual needs
  • Small holes and sharp edges
  • Single piece of metal – cannot unravel or fray and cannot easily be broken
  • Available in Aluminium, Copper and Brass by inquiry as well as standard high-grade, low-carbon steel or zinc coated steel.

Common Uses of this product

  • Secure enclosures
  • Perimeter barrier fencing
  • Security screens
  • Gates
  • Floor design
  • Platforms
  • Courtyard fencing
  • Privacy screens
  • Wind and hail breaks

Trussforte MAXIMESH expanded metal mesh, drainage mesh, mesh trash grates

Flooring Use - AS1657 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders - Design, construction and installation

All MAXIMESH® expanded mesh products can be uses as a flooring panels, walkways and landings when supported with suitably designed structural works.

The MAXIMESH® range of products comply with AS1657:2013 with respect to section 3.2.3 (Flooring materials) having the smallest dimension of the openings not exceeding the specified 45mm maximum as stated in the Standard.

Additionally, the MAXIMESH® RH3030, RH3040 and D3050 also comply with AS1657:2013 with respect to section 4.5 (Safety below the Platform or Landing).  This section of the standard refers to persons having access to areas below a platform or landing, with such platforms or landings providing protection to prevent objects (15mm diameter or larger) falling through the floor and reaching the area below.

AS4586 Slip resistance classifications of new pedestrian surface materials.

Our MAXIMESH® RH3030 has also been thoroughly tested in relation to slip resistance as advised in section 3.1.3 of AS1657:2013.  The actual testing has been carried out by a Nationally Approved Agent for NATA Slip Resistance Testing, and in accordance with AS4586:2013 Slip resistance classifications of new pedestrian surface materials, Appendix A - Wet Pendulum Test & Appendix D – Oil-Wet Inclining Platform Test.  Test results have been compiled for multiple directions across the mesh surface for mild steel and hot dip galvanised surfaces.  Compliance certification can be made available upon request with customer orders for MAXIMESH® RH3030.