TrussForte LOUVAMESH® is intended to be used primarily as a sun screen. It is, however, equally popular as a privacy screen or wind break and is widely used for glare reduction on main roads and highways.

  • Provides little restriction to airflow
  • Provides maximum shading effect and reduced room temperature when used as a sun screen
  • Conventional sheetmetal working techniques are used with little modification
  • Can be folded or bent for added design freedom
  • Ideal as a decorative and/or protective material
  • Available in Aluminium, Copper and Brass by inquiry as well standard finishes of high-grade, low-carbon steel or galvanized steel

Common Uses of this product:

  • Sun screen, privacy screen, wind break, glare reduction.

Typical Installation:

For maximum shading effect, TrussForte Louvamesh should be installed with the LWM horizontal and the strands sloping outward and down.  The expanded mesh can also be installed in any other plane that may be architecturally designed for various lighting effect, while still allowing natural airflow.

To help designers customise placement and positioning of Louvamesh for tailored shading, we have supplied graphical literature for the free air space at various angles of incidence.  Please refer to the individual specification sheets for each product alternative.