TrussForte RENDALOK® is a galvanized steel lathing (metalath) expanded mesh used as a base or key for plaster.

  • Can be used with steel or timber frames.
  • Available in sheet or coil form for ease of use.
  • Can be easily formed (folded, shaped) around corners or complex arrangements.

Common Uses of this product:

  • Base or key for plaster walls, ceilings, ornamental plaster work.
  • Reinforcing of the mortar bed for tile floors laid on sheet floor materials.
  • Reinforcing for ceramic wall tiles on timber frames.

Installation Information:

TrussForte RENDALOK® can be fixed to steel or timber building frames, using non-corrosive self drilling screws for steel and galvanized flat head nails for timber.

TrussForte RENDALOK® should be installed with the long dimension of the mesh across the studs, and the sheets should be fixed so that the strands all slope DOWNWARDS and INWARDS.  Lapping ends should not be less than 25 mm, and sides not less than 12 mm. Tie laps with 1.25 mm galvanized wire every 150 mm.

Fasten to the background at edges and at supports at a maximum of 150 mm centres. Place fixings in the corners of the mesh diamonds ensuring the heads cover two strands.

Ensure that sheets do not finish on corners, but bend them at right angles to finish at least 150 mm on adjoining surfaces.