TrussForte GRIDMESH® is a light yet strong expanded metal mesh used extensively in walkways, ramps and flooring.

TrussForte GRIDMESH® comes in two series. The GR series is a comparatively open product suitable for general purpose applications, while the GM series has smaller openings and is recommended for heavy duty applications.

  • Available in uncoated mild steel, Aluminium, and hot dip galvanised steel.
  • Non-skid surfaces.
  • Suitable for rural applications.
  • Complies with AS 1657-2013 (Flooring materials)

Common Uses of this product:

  • Walkways, ramps, flooring, stairways, fixed platforms.


Load Bearing Capacities (for Mild Steel):



  1. Load capacities given in the table are for Trussforte Gridmesh and Ruralmesh spanning LWM direction over clear spans, having every fourth strand welded to support with minimum landing of 25mm.
  2. The uniform and concentrated load capacities are essentially the same for double and triple spans.  Linear interpolation and extrapolation are permitted.
  3. Uniform load capacity is the maximum load just prior to permanent deflection (set) of mesh.  Permanent set equals span/500 or 0.8mm (whichever is greater).
  4. Deflections shown in the table refer to the uniform loads causing a deflection of 6mm or span/360 (whichever is less).
  5. Concentrated loads have been applied through a 100mm diameter plate.  They correspond to a localised deflection of 10mm.
  6. For large simple spans, the load carrying capacity is generally governed by deflection for double and triple spans by uniform or concentrated loads.
  7. A load of 102kg approximates 1kN.
  8. A load of 102kg/m² approximates 1kPa pressure.