TrussForte manufacture an extensive range of Fixing Brackets.  All Bracket are accurately folded to 90 degrees with stiffening ribs along the fold for increased strength and rigidity.  Fixing Brackets are based on a general purpose design that can be used in multiple configurations for DIY projects or specifically engineered purposes based on the capacities listed in the accompanying literature.

Pilot holes of 4.6mm diameter are supplied for locating and nailing the bracket to timber before drilling for either 12mm or ½” bolts through the provided 13mm bracket holes.  The pilot holes can also be used with fixing screws #10 size (typical screws are type 17 hex head screws with suitable penetration to prevent pull out).

All brackets are made from 250 grade Metallic coated steel, and are available in standard 1.6mm thick material, or heavy duty 3.0mm thick material.

There are 3 basic sizes available to chose from.  Equal leg lengths are available in 60 x 60 mm and 100 x 100 mm versions.  Unequal leg length brackets are available in the 60 x 100 mm version.

Each variety is further available in a number of different lengths to suit any application imaginable.  Lengths are available in the following sizes: 86, 136, 186, 236, 286mm.

Design joint capacities (maximum Limit State Design loads) have been calculated in accordance with the appropriate relevant standards, and have been certified by an external structural engineering company accordingly.  The following Australian Standards have been used:

  • AS1720.1 Timber structures Part 1: Design methods
  • AS4600 Cold-formed steel structures
  • AS4100 Steel structures

Please refer to the separate downloadable "Design Capacity" documents that can be found within the Fixing Bracket product pages.

A range of specially developed Clamp Plates have also been established for use with M12 bolt and coach screw application (used with the fixing bracket) to provide superior tensile capacities. Please refer to product pages for sizes and details.