Edge trim for expanded mesh

Trussforte edge trim detailTrussforte Edge Trims can be supplied in standard 2.4 lengths as well as optional 3.0 lengths, in a range of sizes to suit convenient framing/edging of your expanded mesh panels.Trussforte has recently invested in new tooling to re-establish the in house manufacturing (in Australia) of our popular Edge Trim sections that are used with our Expanded mesh products.

Edge Trims can be supplied in a black mild steel finish or a metal coated Galvabond finish as provided using raw material supplied by the steel mills.  We can also supply Edge Trims manufactured from Grade 5005 Aluminium.Edge Trims can be easily attached to expanded mesh panels by many conventional fastening methods such as pop riveting, self-drilling screws, or carefully applied spot welding.

Trussforte can also look at manufacturing special material Edge Trims from Brass or Copper as well as some sizes from Stainless Steel.  Please contact our friendly staff for all enquiries. 

Trussforte Edge trim Sizing




 Edge Trim /Mesh Selection Guide

Trussforte Edge Trim Selection Guide