Expanded metal mesh products are produced from solid sheets of carbon steel, galvanized steel, or aluminium and other metals/alloys.  In the expanding process, the sheet is simultaneously slit and stretched, expanding the slits into diamond-shaped holes of uniform size, shape and regularity.

No metal is lost in the expanding process and the final product is stronger per kilogram and lighter per metre than the original sheet.  The newly formed strands and knuckles of the diamond-shaped trusses are at an angle to the original plane of the sheet, adding strength and rigidity.  Because it is made from a solid sheet of metal, expanded mesh can never unravel.  The metal strands which form the open diamonds of the new sheet permit light, heat, air, liquid, and sound to pass through, yet produce a virtually impenetrable barrier to larger solid objects.  Even if cut at one or more points, the remaining strand intersections continue to hold.

TrussForte’s expanded metal mesh range includes popular brands such as Ornamesh®, Louvamesh®, Balustmesh®, Ruralmesh®, Maximesh®, Gridmesh® and Rendalok®, all formerly offered by BlueScope Lysaght.  TrussForte also now offer Rendalok® Fire Proofing which is a heavier version of our popular Rendalok®, and is suitable for reinforcement of spray applied fire proofing plaster.

Often incorporated as a popular architectural feature, expanded metal mesh offers the benefits of decoration, protection, support and security.  This versatile mesh allows light, heat and air through, while retaining its strength forming a very strong barrier for security purposes. TrussForte manufacture expanded metal mesh for every application including various:

  • pattern types,
  • mesh sizes, and
  • material thicknesses.

      Materials available include:
      • Black mild steel,
      • Galvanized steel,
      • Copper,
      • Brass, and
      • Aluminium
          The manufacturing process of expanded metal mesh involves taking a flash sheet of metal which is simultaneously slit and stretched to form a diamond shaped hole pattern.  During the process no metal is lost and the final product is stronger per kilogram and lighter per metre than the original sheet.

            Each of our popular expanded metal mesh brands is briefly described below, and can be seen in detail on the appropriate accompanying pages.

            TrussForte Ornamesh®
            TrussForte ORNAMESH® is a versatile product which can be used in many different applications.  It admits light and air and permits easy vision, yet it forms an effective barrier against entry.
            TrussForte Louvamesh®
            TrussForte LOUVAMESH® is intended to be used primarily as a sun screen.  It is, however, equally popular as a privacy screen or wind break and is widely used for glare reduction on main roads and highways.
            TrussForte Balustmesh®
            TrussForte BALUSTMESH® is a decorative expanded metal that combines strength with the traditional charm of delicate wrought iron work.  It is suitable for many different uses, both internally and externally.  TrussForte BALUSTMESH® is supplied in uncoated or zinc-coated steel or in aluminium in sizes to suit most domestic or architectural applications.
            TrussForte Rendalok®
            TrussForte RENDALOK® is a galvanised steel lathing expanded metal used as a base or key for plaster.

            TrussForte Rendalok® Fire Proofing
            TrussForte RENDALOK® FIRE PROOFING is a galvanised steel lathing expanded metal used primarily as reinforcing or base support for spray applied fire proofing media.  Note that it is also BCA compliant.
            TrussForte Maximesh®
            TrussForte MAXIMESH® is a decorative expanded metal that combines strength with the traditional charm of delicate wrought iron work.  With a small hole and sharp edges it is for perimeter barrier fencing in jails, and for security screens and gates.
            TrussForte Ruralmesh®
            TrussForte RURALMESH® is a heavy duty mesh used mainly for livestock flooring.
            TrussForte Gridmesh®
            TrussForte GRIDMESH® is a light yet strong expanded metal mesh used extensively in walkways, ramps and flooring.  TrussForte GRIDMESH® comes in two series.  The GR series is a comparatively open product suitable for general purpose applications, while the GM series has smaller openings and is recommended for heavy duty applications.


            For a complete tabulated list of our standard products, please view the Expanded Metal Product Table page.

            Our Popular Edge Trims have now been re-introduced into our product range and are available in a number of different sizes and materials.  These Edge Trims are now manufactured in house in standard 2.4 metre lengths, and can be easily fitted to the surrounding edges of mesh sheets.  Please see our Edge Trim product page for sizing details.


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