Reflective Identification Character - D

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Trussforte have now made available a complete range of reflective number and character labels that can be used for labelling various objects that require easy identification during daytime, as well as at dusk or night.  This is achieved by way of highly reflective numbers and letters. These items are only available in one size, with characters measuring 64mm in height, with a text/font thickness of 10mm.

All characters are provided in a highly reflective yellow colour.

Two optional character sets are available.

Standard stencilled character items are punched out using a 1.8-2.0mm aluminium base thickness.  These standard stencilled characters are also provided with a set of 3.2mm diameter holes for fastening to various objects using standard rivets or screws.

Plate label character items utilise the same character font and size as the standard stencilled items, incorporated onto a 0.8-1.0mm thick aluminium backing plate with a black background colour of Black.  These items provide a good contrast to highly define the reflective nature of the characters without having to provide a separate background feature/process. These character labels measure 75mm in height and 70mm in width, and are provided with a set of 5mm holes for fastening to various objects using standard rivets or screws.  All label characters and numbers are provided with a clear protective plastic film that can be removed when being installed.

Reflective stencilled characters and labels conform to AS/NZS 1906.1 Class 2, are waterproof, UV stabilized, and have a seven (7) year durability rating.  Items are designed to reflect light when shone directly at them, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

All reflective number and characters are sold in packs of 5 items.  Packs of 5 can be of the one (1) character or numeral, or a mix of different items.

All plate label characters are priced at $4.70 each + GST

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Mix & Match any number or letter!

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