GR16118 Expanded Mesh

GR16118 1000SWM X 2400LWM

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LOUVAMESH® GR16118 - Specifications:

*** All mesh (common and non-common sizes) are normally made to order.
Product Code GR16118
Material Thickness (mm) 1.6
Strand Width (mm) 11.8
Pattern SWM (mm) 44
Pattern LWM (mm) 135
Mass (kg/m²) for Mild Steel 6.7
Free Air Space (%) 65 - 92
Overall Height (Approx. mm) 20

Standard Sheet Size (mm) SWM x LWM

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  • Common sizes and materials are listed, which are manufactured to standard tolerances as outlined in the Expanded Metal – Manufacturing Tolerances page.
  • Many other non-common sizes can be manufactured dependent on machine capabilities.  Please call us to discuss your requirements.
  • All mesh (common and non-common sizes) are normally made to order.
  • Listed prices are in AUD, are based on an order quantities of 1-10 mesh sheets, and do not include delivery.
  • All orders of 1-10 mesh sheets may attract a set up cost if not currently stocked.
  • For pricing of mesh sheets in larger order quantities (11+) and/or obtaining a quotation for delivery, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • All prices are correct at time of publishing, and are subject to raw material costs and availability.

    Product specification sheets can be accessed below:

    GR16118 Specification Sheet - Mild steel material

    GR16118A Specification Sheet - Aluminium material


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